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Welcome to the RA Direct Impact CDP FAQs

My car does not run - can RA still us it?

Yes. RA will either repair you vehicle to safe working condition or utilize the parts from it

Do I have to pay for RA to pick up my vehicle?

No. RA will pick up your vehicle if needed at no cost to you.

What does RA do with my vehicle?

RA will sell the vehicle at a below market price to a family in need. A application process is used to determine what the needs are and if the vehicle is right for the family. RA does not simply sell it the highest bidder like other vehicle donation programs. We are trying to match the right vehicle the right family.

Will my vehicle be sold?

In most cases - yes. RA will sell it at below market cost. This helps make the vehicle affordable to a family and helps fund the RA Mission.

How does this help a family?

The Direct Impact CDP helps families by providing a means of transportation that they may otherwise not be able to afford. RA will not charge the family buying the vehicle any repair costs associated with getting it to a working condition. Each family will go through an application process to qualify. This allows to make sure the right family gets the vehicle.

How do I get a tax write off?

RA cannot legally provide tax advice. We can however direct you to your tax professional to obtain this information. Sorry, but the law is the law.


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We are a full-service garage committed to serving the transportation needs of the Central Ohio community by sharing the talents and love given to us by God.

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You are here: Support Direct Impact Car Donation Direct Impact FAQs