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I'm ready to donate my vehicle, now what?

If you have made the choice to donate your vehicle - we first want to say "Thank you!". Your gift to the ministry is not only an expression of your love for other families, but also an investment.


Here are the steps to the Direct Impact CDP™:

  1. Obtain the title of the vehicle you are donating
  2. Call / email  RA  or fill out this form to schedule a time to bring it in or have it picked up
  3. RA will provide you with the necessary federal tax form
  4. Keep all your records from the donation and you vehicle
  5. Take the documents to your tax professional
  6. Smile - you've just helped a family in need and made an investment in Central Ohio!

What happens to my vehicle after I donate it?

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, RA will either repair it if needed or utilize components of it. If the vehicle is in or can be brought up to a safe and reliable condition, we will put it through our inspection process and conduct any needed maintenance to it. It will then be cataloged in our inventory to matched with the right family.

For more information or additional questions, visit our Direct Impact FAQ page.

RA Contact

Phone: 614.801.0081

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Customer Quotes

What a great experience! Great work at an unbelievable price. Thank you to all the volunteers … are truly a blessing!!
Just when I thought all my hope was gone , you fixed my car and really made me look forward to moving on...
I just love and respect the way they serve… a single women a repair shop can be so intimidating, they made me feel very comfortable... They made me feel completely cared for…
The piece of mind I received by getting my vehicles inspected here was absolutely priceless!
Restoration Automotive was an answer to a prayer… We were struggling and didn’t have any transportation, they provided us repair… and a chance to get back on track with work.
You folks have restored my faith in good people… I didn’t think there were any good folks left in this world…

Shop Hours

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Who are we?

We are a full-service garage committed to serving the transportation needs of the Central Ohio community by sharing the talents and love given to us by God.

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Shop Operations: Gene Skibinski
Board Chair: Keith A. Osburn II
Office Manager: Julie Heckethorn
Volunteers: Dave McCoy
Donations: Mike Hull
Call: 614.801.0081
Fax: 614.801.1020
You are here: Support Direct Impact Car Donation Donate My Vehicle