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Our History

How did RA start? Read on...


2012 to 2015

Over the past few years God has provided new opportunities and our need is greater than ever before. We have a lot of work and many moving parts, but we also have the right people working with us to further our mission and God’s love.

The 6th Annual Cruisin for Restoration Auto Car and Bike is wrapped up in August...

We cannot wait to see what God has in store RA and Central Ohio!


 Once again we contained to see the hand of God moving in our work and we added another staff member. 28 more volunteers came on board to make the total 148.

 9 more vehicles were provided to needy families and an additional $300,000 in financial relief was provided to Central Ohio.

The 2nd Annual Cruisin for Restoration Auto Car and Bike show triples in size over the first.


Capital University chooses RA for its strategic marketing intern program. This changed the face of RA and has continued to influence our operational and marketing decisions.


God continued to move our purpose in the Central Ohio and once again, we had to move to a larger facility. This new 7400 sqft facility allowed for not only more repairs, but also more office space. This additional space includes a waiting room, receptionist desk, operational offices, break room and training rooms.  

In addition, The Ohio State University Fischer School of Business chooses RA for a pilot program. This Graduate School program brought students and staff into our facility to help build our strategic plan, implement our board of directors, employee handbooks and develop a metrics tracking program. Not only was this an excellent opportunity for RA, but a solid learning experience for the future Buckeyes!

Our purpose and mission remained the same. We provided an additional $255,000 of community relief in Central Ohio and were able to provide 7 more vehicles to families in need.

We also added 2 full time staff members and volunteer count was not at 120.

The 1st Annual Cruisin for Restoration Auto Car and Bike show kicked off with great success. 


Due to the overwhelming need of our communities and donated equipment, we moved to a larger facility. The 3400 sqft facility allowed us to further our mission.

In the same year, we were the first repair shop in the United States to obtain a 501 C3 status with the federal government and incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Ohio.

We also grew to 80 volunteers and reached a repair count of approximately 1,500! Through all this, we were also able to provide 7 vehicles to families in need.


RA Opened its doors after 2 years of research and creating a written business plan. We started out with a 1200 sq. ft. facility (shop and offices combined). Needless to say it was a bit cramped. But we had a vision to spread the love of God

We started out 20 volunteers working evenings and weekends. By our second month of operations, we achieved sustainability. By the years end we provided a conservative estimate of $108,000 in financial relief to Central Ohio.









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Customer Quotes

What a great experience! Great work at an unbelievable price. Thank you to all the volunteers … are truly a blessing!!
Just when I thought all my hope was gone , you fixed my car and really made me look forward to moving on...
I just love and respect the way they serve… a single women a repair shop can be so intimidating, they made me feel very comfortable... They made me feel completely cared for…
The piece of mind I received by getting my vehicles inspected here was absolutely priceless!
Restoration Automotive was an answer to a prayer… We were struggling and didn’t have any transportation, they provided us repair… and a chance to get back on track with work.
You folks have restored my faith in good people… I didn’t think there were any good folks left in this world…

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Who are we?

We are a full-service garage committed to serving the transportation needs of the Central Ohio community by sharing the talents and love given to us by God.

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Shop Operations: Gene Skibinski
Board Chair: Keith A. Osburn II
Office Manager: Julie Heckethorn
Volunteers: Dave McCoy
Donations: Mike Hull
Call: 614.801.0081
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